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Robert Trent Jones Tradition Award

Congratulations to this year’s Robert Trent Jones Traditions Award Winner
William Mendick !

Each year for the past eleven, Midvale Country Club has honored an individual with a very distinguished award, named the Robert Trent Jones Traditions Award.

This award is given to the member which best exemplify the Midvale CC culture of family, fun and community.  This year’s recipient scored an A+ in all of the above categories.

William Mendick joined the club back in 1983 where as he, his wife Margaret
( Peggy ), and children ( Michael and William ) began using the many amenities at the club.  The Mendick’s were active members participating in the weekly Ladies League Day, Men’s Day, and Couples Friday Night Scotch events.

As you ran into Bill Mendick, one would often say what a friendly and pleasant man.  He was always smiling, usually with an unlit cigar dangling from his mouth, and ready to brighten up your day with a friendly gesture of kindness.

Bill and Peg Mendick both were knitted tightly into the fabric of Midvale’s culture as the enjoyed nearly nineteen years of active participation at the club together.  In January of 2002, Margaret passed away which left quite a void for The Mendick family and Midvale as well.

While difficult, Bill continued to maintain his friendly personality often stopping to just say Hi!  Bill Mendick’s passion for the club and commitment to the club made him the ideal recipient for this year’s award.

We are proud to have Bill Mendick ( Maureen McCoy ), his son Michael Mendick ( Diane ) apart of Midvale Country Club.  Please stop Bill the next time you see him to congratulate him on this distinguished honor.








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