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Is it expensive to join Midvale?
It is no more expensive than a membership at other local country club - Midvale is competitively priced.

How much is the initiation fee?
There are a variety of factors that affect the published price of Midvale's initiation fees. Midvale offers three family golf memberships -- Junior age 21-30, Associate 31-35, and Senior 36 +  -- and also a social/pool/tennis membership.

What is the dues structure like?
This varies depending on which type of membership you are interested in. The social/pool/tennis family membership dues are less than a Junior, Associate, or Senior family golf membership. This information is provided to you during your initial interview with the Midvale club manager.

Is there a minimum that you must spend on food and beverages?
Yes, the minimum is $950 each year on food only.


What types of annual social events are there for members?
There are a variety of events for the whole family that our members enjoy every year. Midvale provides an annual social calendar for your planning purposes. Because this is the 75th anniversary of the club, we also have a variety of special events celebrating this milestone.

Are there tee times for the course?
No, there are no tee times at Midvale. Members are free to play whenever they wish.

Is the course designed for advanced level golfers?
The course is truly designed for all levels of golfing skill. The club also offers golf lessons and a driving range for anyone who wishes to improve their game.


Are kids allowed at the club?
Of course. Midvale prides itself on being a family-oriented club. There are certain events here just for kids, like the Easter egg hunt and Halloween party we have each year. We also have a wading pool for children, as well as swimming lessons.

Would you consider this club to be old-fashioned in the way in which women are treated?
Not at all.  We are far from a gentlemen"s club. Midvale is different from other clubs in that it adheres to a code of friendliness and family. Our female members enjoy just as many amenities and activities as our male members, and are treated with the same level of service. The Women’s Association here at Midvale offers members a variety of activities to get involved with, including organizing parties and planning charity events.


I’ve never been a member at a private club before, but I really like it here at Midvale.  Do you have any information you could give me?
We have lots of information that we’d like to share with you. You may wish to look over "What to Look for When Choosing a Private Club”  that can help you decide if a private club like Midvale is right for you. We also have some photos of current members that you might enjoy looking at. If you would like to receive a membership application and additional literature in the mail, please fill out our information request form so we can mail it to you. Our club manager would also be happy to meet with you to give you a tour of Midvale’s facilities.

I really like what Midvale has to offer me and my family.  Who can I speak with about becoming a member?
Our General Manager, Rich Marr, would be happy to speak with you about becoming a member here at Midvale. We’ll send you a membership package if you would like to take a minute to fill our Information Request form or contact Mr. Marr directly.

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