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Bill began his culinary journey at a young age. Motherless at seven and with four sisters and a brother, food more a necessity than a pleasurable pastime for bringing siblings together to rehash the days events. Basic lessons were “don’t burn yourself” or “don’t cut yourself” and for God’s sake “don’t eat that… it’s been in there for two weeks”. 


As time passed Bill got a more formal education in the kitchen. At 18 he was washing dishes in Honolulu. He was quickly promoted to the front of the house and for a few years bussed tables, waited tables and tended bar. One faithful day Bill was about to punch out and was approached by the chef and the owner. They both volunteered Bill to work the line that night. This was the beginning; he knew he wanted to be in the kitchen after that. 


Kitchens followed, in Boston, Cape Cod, and up and down the Florida Coast. Working at a club in Boca Raton, Bill met his wife to be (34 years). Her strong desire to return to Central New York resulted in a 10-year tenure at Skaneateles Country Club. After a fire destroyed the club in 1991, Bill filled the rebuilding time attending continuing education classes at New England Culinary Institute and Culinary Institute of America. 


A family crisis returned Bill to Cape Cod for a few years and another crisis brought him back to Central/Western New York. He would then begin at the Country Club of Rochester in the spring of 2000. Major renovations were being wrapped up and Bill was excited to be working in the big city of Rochester. 


Weddings, huge Christmas parties and mixed greens were always a challenge. Bill sought to raise the bar at every opportunity. Slower months meant more CE classes and conferences. Education is important in Bill’s world. Not just for him, but for staff also. Thirty years of CE classes have covered the gamut from American Regional Cuisine, controlling food cost, ice carving and sous vide cooking.

Being born on the East Coast and living in fishing villages, moving to Urban areas and back to country farm and field towns; Bill has adapted to what is fresh, seasonal and local. Using this criteria, Chef Bill is looking forward to bringing his experience, knowledge and most of all his passion for food to Midvale Country Club. 

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