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On September 23, 1929, a group of gentlemen from the Rochester area met at the Blarney Stone Inn in Webster, New York to organize a golf club.  After numerous meetings, and property investigation, several farms on the Fairport-Penfield line were purchased and combined, forming a 144-acre tract.  Its inhabitants referred to the area as Midvale.

When 151 members were signed up, construction of the course began. A new golf architect by the now famous name of Robert Trent Jones was hired to design and build the course. After taking nearly two years to complete, Midvale opened for play on the Fourth of July, 1931.

Midvale has the honor of being the first course designed and built by Robert Trent Jones. Mr. Jones actually supervised all construction from start to finish. In a 1985 interview, Mr. Jones told how the course was built, mostly with the use of horse drawn earthmovers and manual labor. Holes 7 through 11 were routed through a large apple orchard and many of the trees survive today.

Over the years, some of the course has evolved; however, the basic design is still largely in place. Perhaps, the most significant change was the removal of almost 50 bunkers in 1946 in an attempt to reduce operating costs. Another notable change is the renumbering of the holes. For instance, today's 6th hole was originally the 1st hole and the original finishing hole is our present 2nd hole.  A bunker renovation was completed in 2008 and a state-of-the-art irrigation system was installed in 2011. In 2023, complete bunker redesign and approach project was completed along with the addition of new forward tees.

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