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What to Look for When Choosing a Private Club

Beginning Research
Before purchasing a club membership, you should clarify your reasons for joining a club.  Are you interested in the social events and entertainment, the golf course and athletic facilities, or maybe both?  If you're not a golfer, remember that private golf club memberships are just one of a variety of memberships that you may consider purchasing. Think about how much time you will have to spend at the club - will you make good use of your membership? Also, is the club conveniently located to your home or office?  Finally, consider your budget as to the affordability of club fees and dues.

Gathering Information
It can sometimes be difficult to obtain detailed information regarding various clubs.  This can make comparing two clubs an arduous task.  If you are already interested in a particular club, try to ask someone who is already a member about their club.  This may be the easiest, and in some cases, the most reliable means of comparing clubs.  Do not forget the importance of visiting the club on your own to make accurate judgments.  Call ahead and make an appointment with the manager in order to gain access to all the facilities, including the clubhouse and restaurant, and maybe even play a round of golf.  To help potential members make an educated decision on whether Midvale is right for them, we make detailed information available for every potential member"s consideration and accommodation.

You might consider what facilities you would like to access. In doing this, think about who in your family will be using the club.  What facilities would your family enjoy? Some private clubs offer tennis courts, a pool, restaurant, and social events, but no golf course at all. If you're not a highly skilled golfer, but would like to continue to learn and practice the game at your own pace, a club complete with a golf course and practice facilities may be what you are looking for. At Midvale, our members have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful 120-acre golf course, two tennis courts, four paddle courts, a heated Olympic size swimming pool, a 300 yard driving range, as well as fine and casual dining in the clubhouse. Numerous social events add to your enjoyment at Midvale.

Established Club vs. New Club
With an established club, you can actually check out the clubhouse, golf course, and any other facilities. You have the advantage of reviewing past club dues and checking the reputation of the club from current members.  A new club may have some facilities not available in established clubs, in addition to lower dues, but this comes at what may be a higher price in the end.  New clubs often experience delays in completing the construction of facilities, dissatisfaction with new and inexperienced management, and no standard in the upkeep and maintenance of the facilities.  Thus, there are certain risks associated with new clubs that are not present with established clubs like Midvale.

Purchasing Your Club Membership
At Midvale, you may purchase your membership directly from the club manager who will guide you through the entire process.  The process begins by completing a candidate profile, which doubles as an application.  Here you will provide information about you and your family that will give the Midvale membership committee an idea of why you wish to join.  You may also include an initiation fee with your application.  This fee, along with all others, is set by the club.  The price of a membership is generally set based on the reputation of the club, as well as the supply and demand for the membership. At Midvale, the quoted price of a family membership includes the initiation fee and the monthly dues structure.  The total cost of a membership transaction is broken down as follows:

(1) Initiation Price - The entry price to belong to the club.
(2) Dues Structure The monthly membership fee. 
(3) Other fees List of assessments, services, etc.

All membership applications move through the membership committee and are submitted to the full board of governors for approval.

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